New Stencil Decks

November 20, 2012 16:05 - almost 6 years ago

We made a new batch of stencil decks for the fans of real wear. We use only ink in various layers producing a unique design for each deck. The wear is super realistic mixing the colours and leaving behind the ink in the curb. The plies are Yellow, black, red, black, and orange. The deck underneath the graphic is fully laquered to ensure lifetime and pop tradicional from Yellowood.

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0 - Alex Moenssen aka Bzfgocl Bzfgocl

November 28, 2012 05:30 - almost 6 years ago

Sick dude, i have some fingerboarding videos on YouTube. I'm going to make an unboxing when I get the Yellowood I ordered. Here is my YouTube, I live in the USA.

1 - Nicolas aka Colette Frewen

January 14, 2013 16:55 - almost 6 years ago

where could we get those???

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